Three Tips for Selling Your Estate Jewelry

Jewelry is often a symbolic statement, and it may represent something close to you, so the process of selling antique jewelry can be challenging. Oftentimes, selling estate jewelry is not as simple as listing the item on a public listing website with some photos and a brief description. Before anyone decides to sell their antique jewelry, they should thoroughly educate themselves on value and proper procedures.

Cleaning and Packaging

Take the time to invest value in your antique jewelry by properly cleaning it and placing it back into the original box, if possible. The best way to clean your antique jewelry is by taking it to a knowledgeable jeweler whom you know and trust. If available, the original packaging will help build value and authenticity, which increases the prestige and value of the jewelry.

Market Research and Intrinsic Value

Visit online estate jewelry marketplaces, and research the price ranges that seem accurate for each piece of antique jewelry that you have. Many experienced professionals recommend taking the jewelry to at least three dealers for an estimate, as well. Consider taking the jewelry to a jeweler who can help you determine the “melt value” of your pieces.

Sell to a Dealer

Selling your estate jewelry online is sometimes the most complicated option, so you should consider selling your jewelry to a reputable business, such as website, who have extensive experience and an excellent reputation in the area of antique jewelry. Make sure that you compare each dealer’s value estimates, and try to find a median and high price range for your jewelry.

Ultimately, take your time to research each piece of estate jewelry that you have, and carefully inspect each piece after cleaning it for any distinctive marks. Seek the advice of multiple professionals in the field, and try to keep each piece in as original condition as possible. You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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