Three Things You Should Know About Piano Moving in Washington, D.C.

While owning a piano can be a great addition to any home, the very thing that brings you much joy can be a huge pain when it is time to move it. Moving a piano requires a certain amount of skill and is not something that should be done on your own. Before you attempt to move your piano on your own, here are some things you should know.

They Are Extremely Heavy

Most pianos are made of wood and other materials that can be extremely heavy and difficult to move on your own. Not only does it take at least two people to move a piano, but it also typically requires the use of special equipment as well. If you need piano moving in Washington, D.C., make sure you have a professional piano moving company come out and handle it for you.


You cannot simply throw a piano in the back of a pickup truck and call it a day. In order to move your piano safely from one location to another, it must be strapped down properly, as well as protected with lots of cushions. Also, due to the size and shape of most pianos, you may even need to use a special vehicle in order to transport it, especially if the distance is a long one.


When you first prepared your piano for the move it was playing perfectly. After being lifted, hauled, et cetera, your piano will need to be re-tuned.

Piano moving in Washington, D.C. is something that should only be done by professional piano movers. Attempting to move your piano on your own can result in damage to your instrument or even injury to yourself.

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