Three Things You Need in Your California House in the Summer

California is a wonderful place to be, but it gets pretty hot in the summertime. These are three things you’ll need inside your home to enjoy yourself while you’re spending time there with your family.

Bags of Ice

You may have a few ice trays in your freezer, but you really need to have some giant bags of ice. You’ll need all the ice you can get for your drinks and random forehead icings. You can grab two bags of ice for less than $3 and keep your family cool. You might want to buy a few cartons of ice cream, as well.

A Portable Air Conditioner

A new portable air conditioner can be the perfect item for your home. You can carry your new portable air conditioner to any room you want to occupy without fuss or hassle. Portable air conditioning units are going for a considerably low price right now. Why not pick up two so that you can use them in different rooms?

An Extensive DVD Collection

An extensive DVD collection can make your summer setup complete. You and your family can spend time in the living room with the air conditioner on and some of your favorite movies playing. We recommend buying some old classics and playing them for everyone to enjoy. Get a good mix of action movies, comedies, romance movies and the like. You can literally spend days in the house if you want to.

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