Three Things to Look for in a Malibu Addiction Treatment Center

Not all Malibu addiction treatment centers offer the same kinds of services and treatment options that people need. Most centers have a large variety of programs and facilities but at their core, all good addiction treatment centers have certain things in common.

If you are looking for the best Malibu addiction treatment center for you or a loved one, here are some things that can make a program stand out.

Holistic Care

Addiction is a problem that spans the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual aspects of your life. The old paradigm of addiction treatment focused only on the physical state is no longer valid for modern recovery. Addiction experts now understand that ridding the body of the substance is not enough to eliminate an addiction. In the past, clients focused on getting through detoxification and withdrawal symptoms without the mental and spiritual help necessary to maintain sobriety.

However, holistic care recognizes that needs other than the physical must be met. Family or peer therapy may be required to help the client ease themselves into a sober lifestyle. Psychotherapy and counseling will be needed to help determine the roots of the addiction, as well as the things that can motivate the client to maintain their sobriety outside of the Malibu addiction treatment center.

Alternative and Recreational Therapy

Arts, music, sports and even massage are excellent activities that are not only pleasurable, but also train the mind and body to be more focused and stable in sobriety. While these forms of therapy will not necessarily address addiction on their own, they can synergize with regular therapy, resulting in more effective care.

A Malibu addiction treatment center provides a variety of options, including art, music, cooking, writing, kayaking, surfing and tennis. This wide range of activities is important as different people in recovery will respond better to certain interests than others. Treatment can be enhanced by using these interests as part of the path towards recovery.

Aftercare and Follow-up Programs

Even if a client has managed their sobriety very well in the Malibu addiction treatment center, they are still very much at risk for relapse outside of treatment. Treatment centers are controlled environments in which the clients can deal with their issues in a safe space. Once they go back out into their daily life, all the old fears and stressors may difficult to deal with and cause them to regress to old behavior.

This is why aftercare and follow-up support are so important. They ensure that clients have the resources and support they need to help them manage and maintain their sobriety after they complete the program.

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