Three Signs You Need to Stop Working From Home

While working from home might be trendy and cool-sounding, there are a few drawbacks. You have to maintain a specific level of discipline that many people struggle to develop on their own. If you’re working from home, but having a tough time, it might be time to reserve an office space. Consider the following signs as indicators that it’s time to make a new decision.

1. Your chores are done, but your work isn’t finished.

This means that you’re distracted by your environment. You’re looking at the increasingly intimidating mound of laundry or the dishes in the sink. Yes, it’s good to keep a clean home. However, if you can’t pay the mortgage, it doesn’t matter if the dishes are clean or not.

2. You’re struggling to develop structure.

You wake up at any time you want, but are spending late-night hours working to catch up on what you didn’t do during the day. When you work from home, you have to develop structure and business hours. If you don’t, your work life will easily and quickly spill over into your home life. Though boundaries might seem dramatic, that’s one of the reasons why people find an office space for rent in NYC. They need to be able to separate their work life from their home life.

3. You’re getting cabin fever.

If you never get a chance to go outside, it can lead to cabin fever. If you’ve looked up and two days have passed while you’ve been in the same computer chair, that’s a problem. Balance and interaction with the outside world are important.

As you begin to look for an office space for rent in NYC, consider this as an investment into your career. It’s a worthwhile investment because it’s directly connected to your livelihood. Consider places like Sage Workspace. For more information, visit

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