Three Secrets to Getting Your SSDI Claim Approved in Hemet, CA

Approximately 67% of all first-time applicants are denied Social Security Disability Insurance. If you can no longer work and have been denied, then you know the frustration of learning that a government official feels that you can still work. Following these tips may help get your claim approved.

Turning in a financial dire need letter when you file an appeal speeds up the hearing process. Putting in writing how not getting approved would have a dire consequence on you or your family may help speed up the process. Write the letter yourself, and fill it with as much detail as possible.

A second secret is to turn in all your medical records when you make your first claim. An examiner makes the initial decision, and they are graded on how fast they handle cases. While they can get the records from your medical providers, you can speed up the process drastically by submitting the records with your claim. This allows the examiner to process your case quickly and improve their grade.

Spend time elaborating on how your disability has impacted your ability to work. Too many people try to condense the number of words in this section, and the examiner has to try to guess. In particular, be very detailed about how you cannot handle the job requirements of your current or most recent employment because of your disability. Sometimes, getting a complete job description and using it as a guide helps you write this section.

The third tip is to hire an experienced attorney in Hemet, CA. This professional can help you fight for your rights. You need an attorney in Hemet, CA who has won many appeals.

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