Three Reasons to Use a Junk Hauling Service for Your Cleanup in Eugene, OR

Got junk? Whether you’re giving your home a spring cleaning or clearing out a decades-long hoard, trash and unwanted items can pile up quickly. Dealing with a mountain of garbage is a daunting task, but junk hauling services in Eugene can help get rid of it fast. Here are three reasons to consider calling in the professionals to haul away your junk.

Save Time and Money

All those trips to the landfill add up to a lot of hours and gallons of fuel, so save time and money by leaving it to the professionals. When you have a junk hauling truck waiting outside, you can keep working to remove clutter instead of wasting hours on the road.

Protect the Environment

Throwing all your junk in the landfill might be the easiest way to get rid of it, but it’s certainly not the greenest. When you use junk hauling services in Eugene, anything that can be recycled will be sorted out and sent to the appropriate facilities. From worn sneakers to old toys, you might be surprised by how many things can be recycled these days.

Clean Up Safely

Hauling junk is a dangerous job because discarded items often contain toxic chemicals, biohazards or sharp pieces that can cause injuries. You can also injure your back from lifting and throwing heavy items. Prevent injuries and illnesses by hiring experienced junk haulers to take your trash away safely.

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