Three Reasons To Ask A Contractor Specializing In Residential Roof Installation in Pewaukee, WI About Slate Roofs

Replacing a roof is a serious task for homeowners. Not only will they be spending a significant amount of money, but they will also need to ensure that the roof will adequately protect their home for many years to come. While traditional asphalt shingles can certainly get the job done, it’s important for homeowners to realize that it’s not the only option on the market. For example, slate roofs have a plethora of benefits that homeowners can reap when they have slate installed. For those who are on the fence about which roofing material to choose, here is a brief explanation of why slate should be on any homeowner’s list of materials to consider.

• If there was an award for roof material longevity, slate would almost certainly be in the running for it. Traditional shingle roofs need replacing ever twenty to thirty years. While many people consider this a long roof life, it’s important to point out that slate roofs can last for more than one hundred years. This level of durability ensures that a slate roof placed by a company that specializes in Residential Roof Installation in Pewaukee WI, will protect the home for years to come and help homeowners avoid the expense of premature roof replacement.

• There’s no denying that slate roofs are considered by homeowners to be one of the most beautiful options out there. Because slate is a natural material, it offers a subtle elegance that manufactured asphalt shingles simply cannot. Slate also comes in a variety of naturally-occurring colors which means that a slate roof can fit with the style of nearly any home exterior.

• Any contractor that performs Residential Roof Installation in Pewaukee WI, can attest to the fact that slate roofs are also some of the most fire-resistant on the market. In the event that there is fire danger in or near the home, homeowners can rest assured that their slate roof will offer unmatched protection for their family.

Slate roofs have a distinct beauty about them, but that certainly isn’t the only thing that they have to offer. The fact that they are so durable and fire-resistant makes slate one of the most functional choices that a homeowner can make. Slate may cost more than other options, but homeowners often find that it is worth it in the end. Visit website to learn more about why slate roofs are a worthy investment for homeowners to consider.

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