Three Reasons Homeowners Often Opt for a Stockade Fence in Pasadena CA

Having a fence installed at home can improve a property in a variety of ways. Local fence companies like the one online at have many interesting options for their customers to choose from.

Many who look into the possibilities end up opting for a Stockade Fence in Pasadena CA. This persistently popular type of fencing provides a number of benefits that homeowners often appreciate.

The Best Fence Choice in Many Common Situations

There are a wide range of different fence types and designs that are commonly seen around the area. The popularity of the Stockade Fence in Pasadena CA owes to a number of different factors that frequently appeal to homeowners. Some of the reasons why a property owner might choose this type of fence over others relate to issues such as:

  • Security.
  • Stockades were frequently used in the Old West to keep livestock like cattle contained. At the same time, they were sometimes also relied upon for defense when adversaries sought to mount attacks. Modern fences based on the same general design can also provide security that homeowners will appreciate. While a determined intruder might still be able to overcome a stockade-style fence, doing so will often be difficult enough that other properties will seem more attractive.
  • Privacy.
  • Mounting vertical planks of wood close together with no space between them allows for a good deal of privacy. Most stockade fences are also tall enough that passersby will not easily be able to see over them, contributing even more to this advantage. While having a stockade fence installed will necessarily make it more difficult to see out from a given property, many homeowners find this to be a price worth paying.
  • Finishes.
  • Most stockade fences are made of woods that can be finished in any of a variety of ways. Whether that means a natural looking stain or an opaque paint, homeowners in the area regularly appreciate this benefit, as well.

Local Fence Companies Can Always Help

Advantages like these and others help make fences of stockade design some of the most popular choices of all. Consulting with an accomplished fence company in the area will help clarify whether a stockade fence might make sense for a given home. You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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