Three Questions to Ask When Looking for a Financial Advisor in Seneca, SC

You may find it to be wise to get professional guidance when it comes to saving for retirement. Here are a few questions to ask a financial advisor.

You likely want to find a financial advisor who is going to help you make the best choices about retirement. One way that you can find out if the advisor is passionate about their job is by asking them if they like it. This will help you see if this individual is just punching the clock or actually wants to help their clients. Matthew Dixon from Seneca, SC, has a passion for all things finance, including helping individuals manage healthcare costs, helping them design a budget, helping them build wealth, and helping them develop tax strategies. If a financial advisor is slumped in their chair or constantly staring at their phone, it may be a red flag.

Find out which services the financial advisor provides. You likely want someone who is going to help you determine how much you need for retirement, someone who can help you pick investments, and someone who can help you balance your investment portfolio. Matthew Dixon from Seneca, SC, helps clients create favorable tax strategies. You may also want someone who can help you manage your expenses now and make plans for long-term care if it is necessary.

Ask how the financial advisor will be compensated for their time and advice. Some want to be paid hourly, others want to be paid annually, and others want to be paid per transaction. This would all be based on the value of your assets. Other advisors may want a payment based on commissions they make through products sold to you.

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