Three Questions to Ask Before Buying Wood Flooring in Tribeca

When people are selecting their Wood Flooring in Tribeca, they often select the wood type based on the feelings they feel when they see the sample. Unfortunately, that is not always wise. There are many different types of woods used for wood flooring, and not every type is best for everyone. Here are some important questions to ask before you buy any type of wood flooring.

What Type of Wood Is It?
Always ask what type of wood you are looking at. Stains and various techniques can be used to transform the appearance of wood. You may be shocked to learn you are looking at a completely different type of wood than what you thought. Always ask this question so you know exactly what type of wood you are looking at before buying.

Is That a Hard or Soft Wood?
Wood Flooring in Tribeca is made from both soft and hard woods. Soft woods are not ideal for heavy traffic areas, as they may scratch and wear faster. But hard woods are typically more expensive and lack some of the beautiful coloring that soft wood has. Always research both types of woods to find out which is best for your home, and then ask whether you are looking at a soft or hard wood before selecting to ensure it is the type of wood you want.

What is the Thickness of the Wood?
The last question you should ask is what is the thickness of the wood planks that the wood flooring comes in. The thicker the board, the more expensive it will be. But a thicker board lasts longer and allows you to sand it down should it get scratched or damaged. Some companies make thinner boards, so you never want to rely solely on the sample you see to determine the thickness of the actual product you will receive.

If you are in the market for a new wood floor in Tribeca, New York Wood Flooring offers a wide array of wood types for you to pick from.