Three Questions Answered About Teeth Whitening In Bridgeport, CT

Individuals who have discolored teeth may be making the problem worse by things they do every day. Consuming certain foods and drinks can definitely contribute to tooth stains. Those who wish to have whiter teeth can visit a dentist who specializes in teeth whitening in Bridgeport CT. After the procedure is finished, individuals can also do things at home that will keep their teeth as white as possible. Read the information below to learn the answers to three common questions about having whiter teeth.

What are the main reasons why individuals have teeth that are discolored?

A person’s teeth will naturally become yellowed or discolored as they get older. As a person ages, the tooth enamel starts to wear away, and this causes discoloration. Some people have stained teeth because of certain medications, and this often causes the teeth to appear gray. The most common reason for stained teeth is due to the foods and beverages individuals eat and drink. Foods and beverages that have staining capabilities include anything that has a tomato sauce base, dark-colored berries, red wine, and tea.

What does a professional teeth whitening procedure consist of at a dental office?

When individuals have their teeth whitened at a dental office, the procedure is very quick and painless. Individuals can expect to be in the dental office for about one hour or less to complete the entire procedure. The dentist places a bleaching substance on the teeth and, after waiting the required time, the substance is rinsed off the teeth to reveal a brighter smile.

What can individuals do to keep their teeth white for as long as possible after having the procedure?

After having a dentist perform teeth whitening in Bridgeport CT, individuals can keep their teeth white longer by following a few simple steps. Right after eating foods that can cause tooth staining, individuals should brush their teeth. When brushing the teeth isn’t possible, individuals should at least rinse their mouth with water while paying special attention to rinsing their teeth.

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