Three Problems Requiring HVAC Service in Schaumburg

by | Sep 9, 2020 | Air Conditioning Contractor

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While most problems can be found during routine servicing of your HVAC system, technicians cannot spot every mechanical issue that a system may have. As with any piece of equipment, it will eventually break down. Here are three mechanical issues which HVAC systems can encounter.

Wrong Size

Having the wrong size of system will cause it to overwork and will shorten its lifespan. It is important to have the correct size HVAC so that it properly cools and heats your home. One way to tell that you have the wrong size system is to listen to it cycle on and off. If it always seems to be running, you should contact a company specializing in HVAC service in Schaumburg to examine it to make sure it is the proper size.

Crowding the System

There shouldn’t be anything stored near the HVAC unit because air needs to circulate around it for it to work properly. If boxes of books, salt bags, or anything else is stored next to the system, then it can overheat due to lack of air circulation and shut down. If you remove items stored around the unit and notice that it still isn’t running properly, you need to contact a company that offers HVAC services to have the system inspected.

Bad Contactor

The HVAC’s capacitor and contactors need to be working properly so that cold air blows from the air conditioner. If it blowing hot air instead of cold, you need to call a company like Blue Frost Heating & Cooling for a HVAC repair. Since there are three contactors in most HVAC systems, they will need to find and replace the faulty one to get it up and running properly.

To avoid the need for urgent HVAC services, you should have system maintenance performed at least once a year to ensure that it is clean and running efficiently.