Three Options To Look For When Purchasing New Water Heaters

A water heater is designed to provide hot water to all the various faucets and appliances in a home, and while they are designed to last from six to twenty years before requiring replacement, it is crucial to research before purchasing a new unit. Manufacturers now incorporate a vast selection of technology into the devices they produce, which helps them last longer and run more efficiently. With an extensive range of brands and sizes available, buying Water Heaters may be complicated at first, but a unit with the following will provide years of worry-free use.

Energy-Saving Detection System

In the past, a homeowner had to install a specialized timer on their water heater to program it to come on and off at certain times of the day to conserve energy. Smart heaters now come equipped with a control module that automatically detects common usage patterns and halts any heating from occurring during slower usage periods. Though the unit will turn on if the water drops below a preset temperature, it will help to save on the cost of operating the unit.

Vacation Mode

Leaving Water Heaters on while a home is vacant is not only costly, it causes excess wear. A system that is equipped with a vacation mode setting will help stave off high utility expenses while maintaining enough heat to help prevent freezing pipes. The option is available on both gas and electric powered models, and in most cases, the unit will recover from the low water temperatures in as little as one hour after the owner returns.

Smart Module Compatibility

One of the latest advancements in heaters is the use of a smart module, which is a small and inexpensive module that connects a water heating system to a Wi-Fi network. Once connected, a homeowner may control the heater from their smartphone, and some units are designed to communicate with local utility companies. The connectivity allows a provider of electric or gas to temporarily power off the unit during times of high energy demand.

A smart water heater is an excellent choice for any size home and will provide years of reliable use. South Side Plumbing and Heating offers a vast selection of quality equipment in stock and ready for installation. Visit to learn more and to arrange for a no-obligation water heater replacement appointment. You can also like them on Facebook for more information.

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