Three Important Services Performed At A Dog Clinic In Olathe KS

Veterinary care is very important for dogs throughout every stage of their life. Many animal hospitals provide various services to help keep dogs healthy and happy. Read the information below to learn about three important services that are provided at a Dog Clinic in Olathe KS.

Health and Wellness Exams

An annual wellness exam for mature dogs is necessary to ensure they have optimal health. Dogs that are diagnosed with a medical condition during a wellness exam can get the treatment or medications they need to control their health issue. During a wellness exam, a veterinarian performs a complete physical evaluation on the dog.

Puppies should also get wellness exams along with the needed puppy vaccinations at six weeks of age. Individuals who own a dog can also speak with their veterinarian about their puppy’s nutritional needs.

Dogs that are ten years of age or older are considered senior dogs and they also need annual wellness exams. Older dogs are susceptible to various health issues including diabetes and joint problems.

Dental Treatment

It’s also very important to take care of a dog’s teeth and individuals should schedule regular dental cleanings for their dog. A veterinarian cleans the tartar and plaque off a dog’s teeth and examines their gums.

During the dental treatment, the veterinarian also checks for teeth that loose or broken. When a tooth becomes loose in a dog’s mouth, it can become infected and cause additional problems in the future.

Diagnostic Services

Some veterinarians perform their own diagnostic services at the clinic. This service is very important because it allows the veterinarian to make a swift diagnosis. When a vet has to send off samples for testing at another facility, it can take days or weeks to get the results.

Common types of diagnostic testing procedures include laboratory, ultrasound and radiology. When individuals take their dog to a full service Dog Clinic in Olathe KS their dog can get the necessary treatment as soon as possible.

Individuals who own a dog can contact Falcon Valley Animal Hospital for veterinary treatment and care. Dog owners can visit the website to learn important information about their wellness checks, diagnostic testing, dental care and emergency services. You can also visit them on YouTube Channel.

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