Three Common Types Of Automobile Insurance Coverage In Tomball

It’s important that residents of Tomball have enough auto insurance in case they need to file a claim. There are various types of auto insurance and each one covers a specific need. Individuals can read the information below to learn about three common kinds of Automobile Insurance Coverage in Tomball to learn what types are best for their situation.

Liability Auto Insurance

Car owners who live in Texas must purchase liability insurance because it’s the law, as it is in every state. Liability is coverage for other people and their vehicles when a person causes an accident. The state law of mandatory liability insurance was put into place so that individuals who weren’t at fault in an accident would be covered by insurance. Liability insurance pays for any medical bills and vehicle damage to the other drivers after an accident.

Collision Auto Insurance

This type of insurance isn’t mandated by law, but most people who have taken out a loan for their vehicle will have to purchase this type of insurance because it’s required by their lender. When individuals are in a vehicle accident, whether it’s their fault or not, will need collision insurance to pay for any repairs that are needed for their vehicle. This type of policy also pays for car damage repairs if individuals run into a tree, fence or other stable object.

Comprehensive Auto Insurance

This is another kind of insurance that isn’t regulated by state law, but it’s generally necessary when individuals finance their vehicles. Comprehensive insurance pays for car damage that’s cause by other reasons besides an auto accident. This includes fire, natural disasters, falling objects and hitting an animal on the road. Comprehensive also covers any vehicle damage that’s caused by vandalism or the replacement of stolen items that are lost during a theft. Individuals can speak with an auto agent to learn more about these types of Automobile Insurance Coverage in Tomball.

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