Three Careers to Pursue after Medical Coding Training

You have recently received your medical coding training, so what’s next? With a certification or degree in medical coding there are a multitude of careers and jobs that you can pursue. Based on your experience within the field and your associated skills you will be able to either find employment with a reputable company, or possibly even begin you own. Healthcare professionals rely on medical coders to submit their claims to insurance companies so that they are properly paid. With this importance within the healthcare field, there is a need for trained and qualified medical coding professionals. A few of the careers professional with medical coding training in Los Angeles can pursue are described below.

Medical Coding Analyst

A medical code analyst will create and determine the proper medical codes for all treatments and health services of the organization or company they are employed at. This job is mainly behind the scenes, but is still a vital support role. With this role a medical code analyst will be a part of a constantly evolving environment associated with hospitals and other healthcare organizations.

Medical Coding Consultant

A medical coding consultant often works as an independent professional or with a consulting firm. The profession itself can entail providing assessment and implementation services for a variety of healthcare professionals. Besides these set-up, or introductory tasks, a consultant may also provide continued support through education and follow up services, which can include checking and updating coding programs or other associated work.

Medical Coder Auditor

A medical coder auditor conducts reviews of medical records and documents supporting claims for organizations and companies within the healthcare field. They may complete these tasks by providing investigative support for matters related to coding and billing issues and may identify potential overpayment associated with patient claims. A medical bill auditor may also investigate health care fraud or abuse is a healthcare provider, professional, organization, or company is suspected of breaching any violations or laws when conducting their practice.

Professionals who have received medical coding training have a wide range of employment opportunities to gain experience and skills with. They are a vital function of any healthcare company or organization, even if their primary task are conducted behind the scene. The work is primary for implementing and creating codes for various healthcare service, but employment can be found in other capacities such as consultations or auditing of associated services.

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