Three Benefits of Basement Waterproofing in Frederick

Whether you recently purchased a home or you have been in your home for years, waterproofing your unfinished basement can increase your home’s value and make your home a more comfortable place to live. Consider these three benefits of basement waterproofing for your Frederick home.

1. A waterproof basement can add usable space to your home. Waterproofing is the first step in finishing your basement so you can live in it. After it is waterproofed, you can condition the space if it isn’t already part of your heating and air conditioning space. You can then panel or paint the walls, add lighting and add carpeting and furniture to turn your unused basement into a family room, game room or extra bedroom.

2. Basement Waterproofing in Frederick reduces the health risks of mildew and mold caused by leaks. Mold has been associated with asthma, allergies and other respiratory problems. In order to control mold, you must control the moisture level in your home, especially in your basement. If you have mold in your basement, you must clean it up and seal the sources of moisture. Waterproofing can prevent the formation of new mold and remove a source of respiratory symptoms for your family.

3. Waterproofing can increase energy efficiency in your home. The leaks that allow water to enter you home also allow your heat and cool air to escape. In addition to losing your conditioned air through cracks in your basement walls, you may also be letting in moisture. Because your air conditioner removes humidity, waterproofing can save money on your summer energy bills. If your furnace and air conditioner are not operating as efficiently as they should, you may need to waterproof your basement.

There are several sources of basement leaks. Water can enter your home through leaks in the floor or sub-floor drain systems, cracks in the wall or drainage from the perimeter of your home. Basement leaks make your home less healthy and less efficient. Waterproofing may also increase the value of your property. For more information about how Basement Waterproofing in Frederick can improve your home, contact Keystone Foundation Repair for a free estimate. Visit website.