This Is the #1 Sign that One’s Floor Heating Cable Isn’t Working Right

Electric floor heating systems heat homes evenly and more efficiently than forced-air systems. They’re a popular option for households of all sizes and add value to the home. That doesn’t mean they’re not without their problems.

Sometimes, homeowners report uneven and inconsistent heating from their electric flooring system. One area of the floor may seem significantly warmer than other areas. When this happens, it is almost always a sure sign that there is a problem with the floor heating cable.

A problem like this isn’t an insulation problem. An insulation problem presents itself differently with parts of the floor feeling much colder than others. No, in the event that one area is much warmer than the other, most likely what has happened is that the heating cables weren’t spaced well during the initial install.

How to Prevent This Problem

Homeowners are always encouraged to hire installers who have immense expertise in laying floor heating cables. This assures that the right materials are used. It also ensures a custom installation plan.

A problem that people run into when hiring the wrong installers for the job is getting a one-size-fits-all solution, which results in cables being spaced too close or too far from each other. The installer should install the heating cables according to your home’s layout and take time to plan the installation out to prevent these problems.

Any household experiencing poor heating issues should have their heating cables and entire system checked by a licensed professional to keep the system running as it should.

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