Thinking About New Windows In Phoenix, AZ

Thinking about New Windows in Phoenix AZ? There are many styles of windows, and consumers need to learn about them. Likewise, it’s wise to go the non-traditional route and consider custom windows.

Single-Hung vs. Double-Hung

Single-hung and double-hung windows are the most common windows found in homes. The major difference is how the window sashes move. For example, the top sash does not move in single-hung windows. However, the top and bottom sash both move in double-hung windows.

Windows As An Architectural Feature

Nothing serves an artistic need more than a bay window. Who does not like the idea of a window seat and a bay window overlooking the garden? Contractors make a bay window by using three single-hung or double-hung windows in a row.

Picture windows also add a flair to your home. Indeed, owners install picture windows because they want to admire the view. Find these windows in homes with lovely gardens and yards. However, picture windows do not open.

Windows can let the sun in and allow the owner look at the stars. Consider adding a skylight over the bathtub. A skylight is, basically, a window on the roof.

Windows For Those With Energy Concerns

Sometimes, you do not need New Windows in Phoenix AZ. Those who are concerned about energy efficiency should consider storm windows. Storm windows are placed in the same casement with the regular window. Storm windows are affordable and help to keep drafts out and heat in.

Casement And Awning Windows

These windows give homeowners lots of fresh air. They do not slide up and down. Rather, they swing open and to the side. They are also energy efficient because there are no breaks in the glass.

Custom windows are great when the homeowner wants something unique. For instance, the owner of a modern-designed home may want floor-to-ceiling windows that cover a wall. A contractor must measure the space to make sure the windows fit properly.

Round windows may be custom-made. These windows add architectural flair and are reminders of the Victorian era. It was not uncommon in those days for round windows to be filled with stained glass. That idea would still work today. For more info, call The Window Depot.

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