Think About the Future When Filing a Brain Injury Claim in Tucson

The consequences of a TBI or traumatic brain injury may last a lifetime, and they often get worse as time passes. When you’re filing a claim for a brain injury, you may be entitled to compensation for the damages you’ve already suffered, as well as those that may happen in the future.

Past Damages in TBI Claims

Any losses you’re currently experiencing or have already endured are considered past damages in a TBI claim. Economic damages are simple to calculate, as they are based on lost wages and medical bills. They may include:

  • Emergency care
  • Extended treatment and hospitalizations
  • Wages lost and time away from work
  • Property damage losses

Because the medical treatments needed to mitigate a TBI’s effects are very specialized, it is commonplace for past damages to be quite substantial. Keep concise records of your economic losses to allow a brain injury attorney in Tucson, AZ, to calculate your damages.

Future Damages in Brain Injury Claims

As implied by the name, future damages are any that you haven’t yet suffered. There’s no precise way to calculate these damages because they’re rooted in estimation and prediction. Here, the help of a professional brain injury attorney in Tucson, AZ, will prove invaluable. Using an attorney’s insight, as well as medical documentation, it’s possible to create a close estimate of future damages such as:

  • Continued rehabilitation and medical care
  • Reduced earning potential
  • Pain and suffering

The key to a fair and successful outcome is to determine the level of damage the injury has already caused and will cause in the future. Only when present and future damages are considered and adequately compensated can a victim move on to live a healthy and fulfilling life. Visit Snyder & Wenner online at to schedule a consultation.

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