Things You Should Know About Hiring Skips

Commercial waste disposal companies in Plymouth constantly come across clients who misuse the skips they hire from them and this can lead to fines or other problems. A skip hire company usually hires out skips for general household waste such as decorating refuse, old wallpaper, old bits of wood, bricks, busted plasterboard and other building materials, as well as garden waste or other home refuse—not including perishable or toxic waste—both of which are two of the banned substances. Other problems that the skips companies often face are overloading problems. Usually, a skip has clear markings to determine the maximum height level of the load inside. This is mainly to prevent loose debris from flying out during its journey back to the refuse centre, although tarp is usually tied around the skip to prevent this occurring.

Certain items are not permitted inside a skip, two of which, mentioned above, being perishables and toxic waste. Other items not allowed are electronic items or anything that falls within the WEEE bracket. Also, toxic chemicals or materials such as asbestos are classed as hazardous and must never be placed in a skip. You should also check with any local councils or authorities as to whether you are required to get a permit for a skip you intend to hire. You may have to wait up to ten days for the permit, so check well in advance to avoid disappointment.

Small Skips for Small Stuff

Try think about the type and amount of waste you are expecting to dispose of and hire the skip size according to your needs. Over loading a skip can cost penalties, as mentioned, but underestimating can be costly too. If you are not exactly sure how much space you need with a skip or how much garbage you are going to be disposing of, you should probably hire a skip that is mid-range in size. Going too large is very costly, especially if you only fill it one third of the permitted level. However, if you go too small you will have to call the skip company to bring another one as soon as it is full, so try to figure your requirements before you get in contact with a skip company. For more information visit online.

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