Things You Need to Know About the New Spring-Free Trampolines Sold in NJ

There’s a new type of backyard trampoline that is sweeping into stores in New Jersey. It’s the springfree trampoline New Jersey residents are going crazy over. Everywhere you go looking for trampolines for sale in New Jersey, there’s at least one model of a spring-free trampoline for sale. Before you rush out to buy one of these, here are a few things to know about the springfree trampoline New Jersey residents all want.

No Springs on This Trampoline

How on earth can a trampoline bounce with no springs? Well, it’s in the engineered exterior ring made of angular tubes. Every time you or your children jump up and land on the trampoline, these tubes compress and then release, much like the compression reaction on a basketball. It means that no body parts will get pinched in springs and that there is a lot more room on the trampoline’s surface to jump.

They Are the Same Width and Height of All Other Trampolines for Sale in New Jersey

You can buy an 11ft no springs trampoline as well as a 13-footer. They are the same size as most other trampolines, but there’s more bounce space because of a lack of metal spring coils around the interior edge. More kids and adults can enjoy the trampoline because of the extra jump mat space. They are the same height off the ground and the same height when fully assembled too. If you want to get a close-up view of these unique trampolines, contact Swingset Warehouse at

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