Things to Know About Moving Truck Rental in York, PA for Do-It-Yourself Projects

Moving truck rental in York, PA is available for people who want to complete the project on their own without hiring professional movers. They still may have an apartment or a house with a large amount of furniture and other belongings. Trying to transport everything in several pickup truck loads would be inconvenient. Well-known brand-name trucks can be rented from companies such as A Better Rate Storage.

Considering Sizes

People commonly rent a 14-ft. cube truck because learning to maneuver it is easy, and it holds a lot of belongings. Larger ones also can be rented and do not require a commercial driver’s license.

The problem with trying to save money with a smaller truck is the risk of having to make more than one trip. That’s not so bad if the move is just across town, but the mileage and fuel costs can add up if traveling to another city and back. The time factor also should be considered. Online estimators can be used to figure out the size that will be needed.

The truck cabs typically are big enough for two or three people. If the customer wants three people in the cab, that should be mentioned ahead of time to make sure the rental doesn’t have just two bucket seats. There are no back seats in moving trucks.
Age Requirements

If the person wanting to schedule truck rental in York, PA is younger than 21; it’s important to ask the company’s age requirements. Most require customers to be at least 18 years old, but a small number want these individuals to be at least 21, and a handful even requires customers to be at least 24 years old. It’s rare to find a company that will rent to someone younger than 18 even though that person has a driver’s license and a spotless driving record.

Additional Equipment

Customers may want to ask about whether equipment for moving is included in the rental fee. It’s advantageous to have a ramp, dollies, carts, and padding to protect furniture. Some companies provide a certain number of complimentary moving boxes or provide them at an affordable price.

If you are looking for moving truck rental in York, PA, A Better Rate Storage can help you rent a moving truck.

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