Things to Know About Heating With Propane Gas in Branford

Prices for propane gas in Branford can fluctuate dramatically over the heating season, making bill-paying unpredictable for homeowners who haven’t locked in a price on contract with a supplier. Price per gallon changes weekly, sometimes by a significant amount.

A Lack of Alternatives

Rural dwellers often don’t have much choice in the matter. They can’t hook up with municipal natural gas, and they don’t want to replace a propane furnace with an oil furnace when replacement is not necessary yet. Heating oil also is less energy efficient than gas is, although many buildings are still heated with this fuel in this part of the country.

Delivery of Propane for Furnaces and Appliances

In a residential setting, propane gas in Branford not only provides heat, but it can power appliances too. Many households use propane for their stoves and ovens, water heaters and clothes dryers. It functions much the same way as natural gas does, but it cannot be piped in. The gas arrives in liquid form by a delivery supplier such as East River Energy, which sends truck drivers out to fill propane tanks around the area.

A Clean Fuel

Propane is also recognized as a cleaner fuel than oil is, and certainly more so than wood. Some homeowners choose to do much of their heating with a wood stove to cut costs, but the emissions of smoke and ash can cause a substantial amount of air pollution. They still normally include a furnace in their heating plans, as relying totally on wood is very inconvenient. Without a backup heat source, people get accustomed to coming home to a very cold house after a full day at work.

The Heating Season

In this part of the country, the heating season might begin as early as September and not end until early June. Household residents at least want to get the chill out of the home after a very cold night. Heating costs typically are a big part of the household budget, especially as the deep chill of January and February sets in, with many spells of temperatures below freezing. Anyone wanting to set up a propane heating plan may visit the website website Domain.