Things to Know About Grease Trap Cleaning and Septic Systems

Rural residences that cannot be connected with a municipal wastewater removal system typically have private septic systems. The main components usually include an underground tank that holds the accumulation of solid material, and a drain field for filtering of the liquid. A grease trap in the system prevents cooking grease that goes down drains from reaching the septic tank. Professional grease Trap Cleaning is necessary if this component becomes clogged.

Most modern residential septic systems do not include grease traps. Some counties and townships throughout the country used to require them, but that is generally not the case anymore. Grease traps usually are associated with older systems. Today’s grease traps are primarily intended for restaurants and food production companies in order to prevent grease from heading down the sewer pipe to the municipal treatment plant or septic system. These establishments typically schedule trap cleaning at least once a year.

Residential grease Trap Cleaning is generally unnecessary if people in the house avoid letting excessive amounts of oily substances drain away into the sewer pipe. Unfortunately, many individuals give in to the temptation to pour used oil into the kitchen sink drain instead of finding somewhere else to dispose of it. They also wash greasy pans without wiping them out first. These are convenient options, but that oil heading to the septic tank is caught by the trap and eventually solidifies into a waxy substance.

Of course, having a grease trap is much better than allowing all that material to reach the tank. There, it could cause a much more expensive problem and lead to a need for emergency service from a company such as Business Name. Please visit the website domain for details on this particular company and its services. If there is no need for the trap because everyone in the house avoids dumping cooking oil into the sink and wipes greasy pans off before washing them, the technicians may be able to modify the equipment and bypass the trap. It becomes crucial then for oil and grease to be disposed of properly so it never reaches the drain field.