Things to Do At The Scene of An Accident That An Automobile Injury Lawyer in Medford MA Will Appreciate

Screeching tires. Breaking glass. The sound of metal bending. These are all things a person will usually hear when involved in a car accident. Some car owners think they can avoid an accident by being fully aware of their surroundings. While this will help keep a driver safe, in some instances, an accident is just unavoidable. Once the smoke has settled, there are a number of things a driver should do if the accident in question was not their fault. With just a bit of work, a motorist can make the job of an Automobile Injury Lawyer in Medford MA much easier.

Document As Much as Possible

Making documentation of things like the injuries sustained or the damage to a car due a collision is important. Using a cell phone camera is a great way to easily document the damages sustained as a result of the other driver’s negligence. Having these photos can make it easier when it comes time for a lawyer to start building a case. The lawyer will be able to enter these photos into evidence so the judge presiding over the case can get a better understanding of the pain and suffering their client has endured.

Obtaining a Police Report

One of the first calls an auto accident victim should make is to local law enforcement. Calling 911 allows an accident victim to get both the police and an ambulance on their way to the scene of the crash. Once the police arrive, they will begin to fill out an accident report. This report will detail what happened leading up to the crash based on the statements gathered from witnesses. Getting a copy of this report and giving it to a lawyer is important. With this document, the lawyer will have no problem reconstructing the scene of the crash in the courtroom.

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