Things To Consider When Remodeling A Bathroom

by | Aug 25, 2014 | Home Improvement

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There comes a time when many homeowners are no longer happy with the bathroom in their house and they decide to undertake bathroom remodeling in Hartford County, MD. A bathroom remodeling job can be either very complex or very simple, all depending on what the design criteria is. When the project is completed a newly remodeled bathroom can change the feel of the whole house, it enlivens it and makes using the bathroom a pleasure. As a homeowner, when you decide to embark on a bathroom remodeling project there are some important considerations that will have an impact on the outcome and make the process go smoother.

Obviously the first thing to do is determine what has to be changed. Older bathrooms will have older, outdated fixtures or perhaps the bathroom is too small and needs to be enlarged. There are cases where a dingy bathroom needs more light and improved ventilation or it may be that the floor may be rotting out or walls and ceilings have suffered damage from mold and mildew caused by dampness.

Simple renovations such a changing the doors on the bathroom cabinets and painting the room are things that many homeowners will tackle themselves. Any more complicated than this should be handled by professionals who do bathroom remodeling in Hartford County, MD. A professional contractor can assure you of a perfect job and he can see that all the work is done in accordance with local building codes.

If the bathroom is too small then the only way to make it bigger is to find more space and to do this means that walls have to be knocked down. This solution is often used when a master bath is being integrated with a dressing area in the master bedroom. In many cases the dressing area can include the storage space that might otherwise have to be in the bathroom.

Although minimalist bathrooms are very tempting as they give the feeling of openness and additional space, there needs to be consideration for storage. It is not a good idea to completely eliminate storage cabinets although they can be placed in less obtrusive spots or concealed. Replace a big vanity with a pedestal sink to open floor space if you wish but just remember that space is needed somewhere. A minimalist bathroom can be beautiful but your bathroom must also be practical, well lit and well ventilated.

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