Things to Consider When Choosing Bookcases in Ephrata, PA

Bookcases can be very useful pieces of furniture. They can hold books, display items, or hold bins to store miscellaneous things from around the house. Bookcases in Ephrata PA can be decorative as well as functional.

Consider the Space

First, measure the space where the bookcase will go. Bookcases come in heights from three to eight feet tall and can vary in width and depth, although most are at least 12 inches deep. If it will be used as a room divider, make sure the bookcase is designed to stand alone, as many require the support of a wall or being attached to the wall to prevent tipping.

Consider the Contents

Next, think about what is going to go into the bookshelves. Make sure whatever Bookcases in Ephrata PA you choose have shelves that are tall enough and deep enough to hold the books or other items you plan to put on them. Getting bookcases with adjustable shelves can help with this. The material also makes a difference, as solid wood or metal shelves can hold a lot more weight than MDF or particle board. You’ll spend a bit more money but will have a more functional piece of furniture.

Style Considerations

Standard bookcases are very functional, but keep in mind that etagere bookcases are meant more for display purposes than to hold a lot of weight. They’re more delicate. Ladder or leaning bookcases are deeper on the bottom than at the top and may be less prone to tipping, but the top shelves may not be deep enough to hold very much.

Budget Considerations

Those who have the money may want to consider built-in bookshelves to get the perfect fit and style. Otherwise, it’s possible to purchase multiple narrow bookcases to fit a space and get a similar look for a lower price. Just get the best-quality shelves you can afford, as you really do get what you pay for. Cheaper bookcases are more likely to be made from particle board and won’t hold up as well as those made from solid wood.

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