Things to Consider About Industrial Flooring

Whether you are considering flooring options for your manufacturing plant, parking lot, or workspace, there are many floor coating options to suit your needs. By choosing what works best for you, you can use your flooring without having to worry about issues such as water damage, oil damage, slippage, cracks, and other concerns that come with a floor within a commercial space. Below are a few examples of what can be done with your industrial floors to protect them and enhance their functionality.

Epoxy Floor Coating

Industrial floors need to be durable, easy to maintain, and strong. Epoxy floor coating achieves these goals. This type of flooring is a multi-layer flooring system that professionals apply to the floor at a depth of about two millimeters. The material is usually made out of materials such as hardeners and resins for maximum strength in industrial settings.

When choosing an epoxy floor coating, you can also rest assured that this coating type can be applied to many kinds of flooring. The most common examples are terrazzo floors, antistatic floors, concrete, and flaked floors. No matter what level of use your floors are going through, the epoxy is able to provide you with the maximum strength protection that you need for durability and a quality appearance.

Maintenance of Flooring

Another advantage to choosing flooring that is specifically designed for industrial spaces is that you’ll often find that the flooring is extremely easy to maintain. Materials such as epoxy are smooth enough that you can attain that quick and clean finish after your floors have been used all day.

In addition, you’ll also notice that the industrial floors are highly damage resistant, even against some of the industrial chemicals that you may use in your manufacturing facilities or elsewhere. By maintaining the floor over the long term, you’ll be able to cut down on repair and possible replacement costs.

Choosing Flooring

Choosing flooring to fit your needs and expectations can be a challenge, especially with all of the flooring types available. However, when making a decision, you want to take into account how often your floors will be used, the facility where the floors are located, and the level of protection that you need.

Dex-o-Tex offers high quality, durable, long-lasting, and professionally made industrial flooring products for every space. Flooring comes in a range of options, including urethane and epoxy. If you’re looking for industrial flooring, be sure to reach out today.

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