Things to Check Before Calling for AC Service in Humble TX

Most homeowners aren’t AC repair experts, but on a hot day they just want the air conditioner to work as it should. If a home’s AC isn’t working as it should, there are steps to take before calling for AC Service Humble TX. Homeowners can browse the website for some tips that will help them save time, money and frustration.

When the AC Fails to Turn On

• Check the circuit breaker. If it is tripped, turn the switch off and then back on.

• Check to see if the fuse is blown and replace as necessary.

When There’s Not Enough Airflow

The homeowner should check the AC’s settings. If it’s set to “fan only”, the air coming out of the vents won’t be very cool. The air filter should be checked as well, and changed if it’s clogged. Check to see if there’s a door or window open, or if the outside unit is blocked. If there’s debris around the unit, it won’t get proper airflow.

Other AC Repair Issues

A unit that fails to run may need to be rewired, and that job should be done by a professional. When condenser coils inside the unit get dirty, an AC repair pro can take the unit apart to service it. If the unit is making loud noises, it likely has a broken fan motor, which should be replaced by a repair technician.

Central AC Maintenance and Repair

The AC repair technician from Madd Air Heating and Cooling will remove the plenum and insulation above the home’s furnace to get to the evaporator. They’ll clean the evaporator with a brush and clean the weep hole at the bottom of the tray. An AC Service Humble TX technician can also replace filters according to the maker’s recommendations. Electrostatic filters should be replaced more frequently, and HEPA filters should be changed at least once per month.

Caring for the Condenser

The AC condenser is usually behind the home. The homeowner should cut weeds, clear away debris and trim any nearby bushes. The intake coil should be cleaned, and the unit should be covered during the off season to prevent debris from getting into the condenser. Click here for more information.

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