Things a DDS in Jenks Considers for a Perfect Smile

While it’s critical to visit a DDS in Jenks for routine dental care to fix oral health issues, many people choose to visit a dentist to correct cosmetic problems. When you schedule an appointment with a dentist to create the perfect smile, there are certain factors they will consider to recommend the appropriate treatment. The following are some of those considerations.

Alignment and Proportions

One of the first things you DDS in Jenks will look at is the current alignment and proportions of your teeth. If anything isn’t in correct alignment or there are imperfections in the proportions of your teeth, they will need to be corrected to create the perfect smile. Some of the solutions for these problems include orthodontics, tooth shaping, and more.

Your Gums

Your gums also play a critical role in achieving the perfect smile. As part of your evaluation and treatment, your DDS in Jenks will look closely at your gums to ensure they offer the optimal amount of coverage without recessions or overgrowth. Trimming your gums may not seem like a pleasing treatment, but it can produce the desired results, even when your teeth are otherwise perfect.


Another key factor in the perfect smile is the color of your teeth. While you don’t need stark white teeth, stained or discolored teeth can hurt how you and others perceive your smile. Your DDS in Jenks may recommend professional teeth whitening to obtain the perfect color for a healthy, beautiful smile.

If you’re looking for a DDS in Jenks to create the perfect smile, visit the Elwood Avenue Dental to learn more.

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