These Off-Campus Student Apartments Make Your Privacy a Priority

Unfortunately, finding a place to live while you attend LSU doesn’t always offer the best options when it comes to your personal space and privacy. Luckily, these student apartments near the Louisiana State University campus have several ways to give you privacy and keep you safe with special community features you won’t find on campus.

Electronic Access Only

One of the most significant safety and privacy features of these apartments near Louisiana State Universityis that you cannot access the property or its many amenities without using an exclusive electronic key card to enter. Because of this feature, you won’t have to worry about strangers coming into the gym during your late-night workout session or filling up the resort-style pool. Another reason why electronic access is so vital for properties like these is that the management team can keep track of who comes and goes in case of an emergency.

Safety Features in Your Personal Space

Although you could choose to live in a one-bedroom apartment of your own, it’s still nice to know that property management takes the safety of residents seriously. Every apartment has individually locked bedroom doors and private bathrooms to ensure everyone’s privacy and security is taken seriously. Not only is the addition of private bathrooms great for getting ready for classes in the morning, but it ensures that space remains your personal sanctuary.

Contact Lark Baton Rouge to learn more about the safety and privacy features included at these apartments near Louisiana State University.

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