There Are Several Drainage Systems in Wakefield MA

Several basement waterproofing methods have been developed by drainage systems in Wakefield MA to protect the basement from water penetration and the potential for the growth of black mold. These methods have been tested and have been proven to be effective in keeping the water out of the basements. All methods are based on the scientific principle of relieving the hydrostatic pressure against the foundation and preventing a high water table from letting water enter the basement. Most of these methods must be done when the home is being built, however, they can be done by excavating the soil around the basement.

An effective waterproofing membrane is used on poured and concrete block foundations. This system protects by using a specially formed air-gap membrane keeps the backfill dirt away from the foundation. Any water getting by the plastic sheet which has dimples will fall freely to the footer drain.

A rubber polymer coating which has elastomeric effects and a thixotropic consistency should be applied immediately after the poured foundation forms are removed or the mortar in the blocks has dried. This process allows the polymer coating to fill in any areas which may allow water to enter.

The Internal French Drain can be installed after the house is built, but it is better to install it during construction. This is a system for interior drainage of the basement since hydrostatic pressure against the foundation can cause inadequate drainage on the exterior of the foundation. Water build up is forced through the area where the floor meets the walls or through various cracks in the floor and the foundation. Drycrete Waterproofing is capable of installing an Internal French Drain.

The Internal French Drain is installed after removing an area of the floor along the edge where the floor joins the foundation. A trench is dug and a bed of 3/4″ washed stone is put down and then a 4″ PVC pipe with perforated holes is laid on top. The pipes are connected to one of several outlets. Concrete is laid to blend in with the existing floor.

For existing homes with various leaks in the basement, drainage systems in Wakefield MA have a permanent fix made of two component flexible resins with quick setting prepolymer elastomers made of quick acting resins that are flexible. These unique resin compounds form a seal that completely fills all voids.

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