There are many different popcorn seasonings

When making popcorn for home consumption or commercial sale, there are a number of popcorn supplies that are required. Commercial vendors must equip themselves with various size containers, popcorn scoops, hot butter dispensers, warmers and perhaps the most important of all popcorn supplies; seasonings.

There are many different popcorn seasonings available, from savory to sweet and everywhere in-between. There are some seasonings that are exclusive to certain cultures; other seasonings are only available during certain months while others are so well known and common that it is almost impossible to think of eating popcorn without them. Over the last few years there has been a popularization of specialty foods, including some exotic spices which have found their way into our homes as popcorn seasoning.

Perhaps the grandfather of all popcorn seasonings is simply butter. When butter is melted and added to the popcorn it gives it a richness that is not there when the popcorn is first popped. Many people either use salted butter or add salt.

In the United States most movie theaters have large popcorn making machines along with other popcorn supplies. The oil that is normally used is coconut oil which is then topped from hot butter machines. Many people enjoy the taste of cheese on their popcorn; powdered cheese is available in a number of flavors including cheddar, white cheddar, parmesan and cheese flavored with nacho seasoning or jalapeño pepper.

There are many powdered popcorn seasonings available that are either flavored naturally or use artificial flavoring. The producers of these flavors are constantly coming up with new and sometimes exotic flavors to tempt the public, most are savory with sour cream and onion being a favorite as well as Cajun spice, BBQ and ranch.

One of the all time favorites that are frequently found for sale in venues such as carnivals and fairs is caramel corn. This popular treat is made by covering freshly made popcorn with either caramel or molasses which is then often served in a ball shape. Some people also add additional flavorings to their caramel corn; chocolate and fruit flavors are popular.

Many mainstream venues such as movie theaters are offering healthy alternatives to common seasonings; perhaps the most popular is brewer’s yeast which is high in protein and vitamins.

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