Therapeutic Services in Las Vegas, NV Include Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is a method by which a physiotherapist uses his or her hands to mobilize, manipulate, and massage a patient’s body tissues. This type of treatment is often used to relieve pain and stiffness or to improve blood flow. The therapy is also used to help fluids drain more efficiently from body parts and improve body movement. The treatment is done to promote relaxation as well.

TENS Therapy

Today, manual therapeutic services in Las Vegas, NV may be used to treat specific health issues, such as back pain, or to assist in improving breathing or sleeping. Some of the other therapies that are innovative in nature include ultrasound or TENS. Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, or TENS, uses a small battery-operated device to deliver an electric current to an affected area. This is done with the goal of relieving pain.

Ultrasound Treatments

In some cases, therapeutic services may include the use of ultrasound treatment. This type of treatment protocol uses high-frequency sound waves to treat deep-tissue injuries by stimulating the blood flow and cell activity. The goal of the treatment is to reduce spasms and pain as well as to speed up the healing process.

Heat and Ice Therapy

Other people seek chiropractic therapeutic services that include the use of heat and ice therapy. Chiropractors use this form of treatment for patients suffering from back pain. Ice packs are applied to the back for a fifteen-minute period and are then replaced with a heating pad, hot water bottle, or heat wrap to restore blood circulation and promote faster healing.

Dietary Management

Many chiropractors and physiotherapists today also use dietary management in their treatment protocols. Patients are given tips on how to improve their diet, suggestions that may include dietary supplementation. In some cases, cold laser therapy is used to decrease swelling, lessen back pain or inflammation, and promote circulation. To learn more about physio and chiropractic therapeutic services, contact us for an appointment or consultation today.

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