The Wise Buyer Can Save Money With Pre-Used Auto Parts

Many vehicle owners shy away from buying and installing used and rebuilt parts, they are of the opinion that they are less reliable than new parts. The flip side is; they are less expensive and often, easier to locate, especially if you are doing work on an older car.

Before you categorically shut the door on used, rebuilt or remanufactured parts you need to know which of the three is a good choice, and for what reason.

Rebuilt parts:

Anyone that rebuilds auto parts starts with old parts that have been taken from your vehicle. If the part taken from your car is worn to the point that it cannot be rebuilt, one is sourced from an auto wrecker. When an auto part is rebuilt it is first dismantled to identify which components can be used and which must be replaced. An engine is a good example; it may be that the piston rings and bearings need to be replaced but the crankshaft and pistons are fine.

Remanufactured parts:

Remanufactured auto parts in Chicago are parts that for all intents and purposes have been brought up to the standard of a new part. Sticking with the engine example; when it is remanufactured the majority of the moving parts such as the camshaft; crankshaft, bearings, pistons, etc are replaced with new components. The cylinder heads and engine block will be machined and returned to the original tolerances. Remanufactured parts are usually sold with a reasonably long warranty.

Used parts:

There is no doubt that used parts have their place in the auto repair business but you must be particularly cautious when you buy them.

In most cases you can expect better quality used parts when you buy from a well known and responsible source. Look for an auto wrecker that has removed the parts and stores them under cover.

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