The When, How, and Why of Cedar Roofs in North Chicago

Cedar Roofs remain possibly the most traditional roofing option, and the culture has moved towards shingles, concrete, and other more modernized methods of roofing. Interestingly, homeowners in North Chicago are noting cedar’s surprising durability during intense winters, and how it sparkles and glows against the sun during the beautiful summers. Homeowners are getting some phenomenal new Cedar Roofs in the city, and it is paying off big time with increased property valuable in resale.

Complex Roof Layouts

Cedar can be laid quit easily. This is excellent for odd roof layouts where tight edges and odd overhangs can make roof application a little more difficult than usual. This is one aspect that increases the cost of the roof. But, because of cedar’s versatility and overall lightness, this is not a big part of the cost. In general, low sloping roofs are less than 4 feet, and cost substantially less than non-common roof layout.

Low Demand Seasons

When all other attributes are equal, the demand for work during the slow season could make a big difference. Slow season is in the late fall and late winter. A homeowner can get a slightly better rate during these off-seasons. But, is it worth waiting that long to get a new roof?

Licensed and Insured

The cost of working with a licensed and insured roofing contractor is higher than working with an unlicensed roofer or general contracting vendor. Fortunately, the cost pays for itself ten times over. The work is insured in case of any future problems, and legal action can be taken if the project was not done properly. It is an absolute necessity, and companies such as our website have all the proper credentials and authoritative paperwork.


Cedar comes in an assortment of grades. The mass consumer grade is called basic, or the builder grade. Professionals may often recommend the architect grade, which is the highest quality cedar make. When getting a roof, may as well get it done right the first time to last the season and to obtain the highest appraisal.

Obviously, there are some clear questions being asked about cedar roofs, including the cost as well as why they are catching on in the first place. Visit the official website for more, and seek out brand new cedar roofs in the neighborhood.