The Way Air Conditioning Works

Many people are of the opinion that air conditioners add cold air to a space, the truth is air conditioning in Tarpon Springs, FL draws heat from the space, the result of course is a room which has less heat therefore it makes those in the room feel cooler. Air conditioning uses evaporation, this is similar for example on how alcohol feels when it is swabbed on the arm, the skin feels cooler as the alcohol evaporates. The alcohol is actually not bringing the skin temperature down, it takes the heat away from the skin as it changes from a liquid into a gas.

Air conditioners contain a refrigerant, this chemical has the ability to change from a gas to a liquid in a very short span of time. One of the common chemicals used as a refrigerant is Freon although there are others that are used as well. The refrigerant is selected by the unit’s manufacturer and pumped into the air conditioner before it leaves the factory.

A typical air conditioner is a closed system consisting of a number of major components including the condenser, compressor, expansion valve and the thermostat. The cooled air is circulated by fans while thin fins on the coil help to quickly dissipate heat. The compressor is often the heaviest component in an air conditioner as it has to withstand high pressure.

Air conditioning in Tarpon Springs, FL begins when the refrigerant goes into the compressor. At this stage the refrigerant is a cool gas, as the gas goes into the inner chamber of the compressor it is squeezed and the gas becomes very hot under this pressure. The hot gas travels through condensing coils which are located on the outside of the room or space to be cooled. Because the coils are outside, the heat safely dissipates into the atmosphere. When the refrigerant reaches the end of the coil it is considerably cooler and it has changed its form to liquid.

The liquid is still under pressure, this is now forced through an expansion valve in very small amounts at a time. The refrigerant travels through another coil and evaporates, this evaporation draws the heat from the sir, including the air that is in the room. The fan blows the air across metal fins which are over the coils, this process causes the room to feel cooler.

It is now when the refrigerant has changed back to a cold gas, it re-enters the compressor and the process repeats over and over until the thermostat registers the desired temperature and the unit shuts off.

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