The Versatility of Water Jet Cutting Kent, WA Appreciates

Water jets have become quite popular in industrial manufacturing because they can cut a wide variety of materials without the risk of heat damage. They work by using a jet of water placed under extremely high pressure. This water is sometimes mixed with abrasive substances to cut harder materials. Water-only cutting is typically reserved for use with softer mediums like rubber or wood, while abrasive jets can cut through even granite with speed and precision.

These machines function by running water through a pump to pressurize it and focus it into a tiny, high-speed jet. If abrasives are being added, this is done just as the water reaches the nozzle. The accuracy of the high-powered water jets is impressive and can be reduced down to .025 mm when needed. And, because there is no heat involved, this system is suitable for a variety of mediums. In addition to removing the threat of heat damage often incurred by more traditional cutting methods, using water jet cutting also ensures that there will be no contamination of your materials. In fact, even after use, the water is typically clean enough for disposal down an ordinary drain after being passed through a basic filter.

Everything from textiles, stone, metal, and glass to food and even paper can be manipulated using this technology. Companies providing the service of Water Jet Cutting Kent WA businesses and hobbyists can both employ include Specialty Metals. These companies offer custom options to ensure you the best-finished product for the price. Considerations such as cutting speed and surface finish can save you a few dollars if you’re willing to settle for a rougher cut, but they will affect the outcome of your product and should be discussed with a technician prior to beginning the project.

The versatility of these machines is one of their most lauded advantages. Water jets allow precise fabrication using materials that might otherwise be damaged by the heat produced by other cutting methods. If you have a project that requires the accuracy and unique heat free cuts afforded by Water Jet Cutting Kent WA fabricators can provide, Click Here for more information.

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