The Versatile and Durable Polyethylene Bag

When a business wants to store items and provide useful bags for their customers, they turn to polyethylene bags. Otherwise known as plastic bags, they come in many different styles and varieties. The most common plastic bags include resealable bags, gusseted bags, and bags on a roll. Plastic bags are best known as a protective barrier against moisture, dirt and dust. They come in a variety of sizes, thickness, and colors, with numerous printing options. Companies can order them in cases with the bags already conveniently separated or on rolls so they are convenient to use.

Choose Polyethylene for Your Packaging Needs

Polyethylene is used to create low-density poly bags. Plastic bags made with LDPE, low density polyethylene, are known for their great strength, flexibility, for being a water barrier, and clarity. These types of bags are also resistant to many caustic compounds too. Poly bags are quite affordable and offer high quality packing benefits. They are produced rather quickly with printing options that make each type of bag unique. Some bags are even USDA and FDA approved which provides even more moisture protection. When a business needs to be able to market themselves, they simply need to order poly bags with their logo printed on them, and in colors that represent their business.

What Is the Right Thickness?

If you need economical packaging that is perfect coverage for products that are lightweight, try using 1 or 1.25 mil bags. They are ideal for gift shops, pharmaceuticals, plastic bags that are used to hold nuts and bolts, and many other small products that do not weight a tremendous amount. Bags that are meant to be used for shipping, displaying, or storing items require a 1.5 or 2 mil sized plastic bag. Heavy duty bags tend to be 3 or 4 mil and are capable of supporting and protecting abrasive and heavy items. If you want the toughest and most durable bags, then you need 6 mil bags that offer protection for some of the heaviest products.

Rely on Professional Manufacturers for Your Poly Bag Orders

Being able to save money without sacrificing quality is one of the most important aspects concerning ordering poly bags for a business. Quality control is very important and can be found in plastic bag manufacturers that have been in business for many years. They tend to inspect each and every bag made to make sure it meets their standards. A poly micrometer is needed to gauge the exact accuracy since poly bags are very flexible. Micrometers also flatten and pinch bags that are not delicate so they can be easily gauged.


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