The Various Types of Tanning Bed Light Bulbs

Tanning bed light bulbs are often fluorescent light bulbs. The reason for this is that they are ideal because of the level of ultraviolent light that they emit to promote tanning. The most common type is the 100-watt fluorescent bulb, but the 140-watt bulb is used sometimes as well.

The majority of tanning beds are designed to use long fluorescent tanning bed light bulbs. However, specialty tanning beds use two-foot lamps. Some of the other factors that decide the type of lamp used in tanning beds include length, connector style, diameter, reflectors and output.


Tanning bed light bulbs are available in a number of different sizes. Among the most common sizes are F73 and F71. The letter F is an indication that the light is fluorescent. The number is the general length of the bulb as measured in inches.

Some tanning beds use T12, T8 and T5 fluorescent bulbs as well. The letter T indicates the light tube diameter in increments of eight inches. A T8 bulb measures one inch, while the T12 is an inch and a half in diameter. All T5 tanning bed light bulbs measure 5/8” in diameter, but they are available in a variety of lengths.


Tanning bed light bulbs are also available in a number of different styles. The most common connection system style is the bi-pin fluorescent light. This style features two pins on each end of the lamp. The recessed dual connector styles have a bi-pin system and the pins are covered by a cap in order to allow it to fit into specific holders. The F73 lamps have the RDC connection system, while the F71 uses the bi-in design.

Some types of tanning bed lamps feature reflectors to promote faster tanning by directing more light onto the user. The FR71 tanning bed light bulbs have a built-in reflector, which is indicated by the letter R in the lamp name.

A number of tanning beds have special lamps that are designed specifically for tanning the face. These tanning bed light bulbs are considerable shorter than the conventional lamps. However, they are quite effective at promoting a nice, even tan. Often times, the T5 fluorescent lamps are used for portable face tanning beds. The reason for this is because they are much shorter in length than the T12 and T8 tanning bed light bulbs.

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