The Various Types of Steel Fabrication

The term fabrication is used to describe how raw materials are manipulated. When it comes to steel, this work is done by steel fabricators. The fact is steel is used for making many small parts, as well as large structures, because of its robust and sturdy nature.

If you are interested in the various types of steel fabrication that are done today, keep reading.

Cutting Steel

One of the most common things steel fabricators do with steel is cut it. The tools used for cutting steel have evolved as time has passed. In the past, the most common method of cutting steel was using a saw. Today, however, more technologically-advanced methods are used, including laser, plasma and water jet.

Folding Steel

Another way steel can be fabricated is by folding it. If parts have to be bent or curved, a brake press can be used to do this. This tool is made with dies, which are designed to help crease the metal by pinching it. In most cases, this is a method that’s only used for certain processes. It usually involves different parts of structures that require the use of steel that is in an extremely specific form or shape.

When it comes to steel fabrication, there are several methods steel fabricators use. Being aware of what these are can help you see how modern steel components and buildings are created. Without steel fabrication, there would be many things people wouldn’t have access to today.

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