The Various Insurances Available to Horse Owners

If you are considering becoming a horse owner, you should become familiar with the diverse types of commercial equine liability insurances available. What you are using your horse for, personal or business use, will narrow down the type of insurances that you are required to or should carry. To begin, your homeowner’s insurance or renter’s insurance might not cover you for any equestrian-related incidents. Those who carry ranch or farm policies will generally be covered, but if all you have is a regular policy then you should contact your agent to see if you will be covered or not.

Types of Insurance You Might Need

The ownership of a horse comes with a wide variety of responsibilities and one of the most important is protecting yourself by carrying enough insurance to cover the possibility of death or injury. There are situations in which you might require extra coverage.

  • If you own or rent horses to individuals for personal use, you will need to be covered by an Equine Personal Liability policy.
  • A Commercial Equine Liability policy is necessary if you buy and/or sell horses, board horses, train them, teach horse riding, and other instances.
  • If you own a boarding facility, or work professionally in the equine field such as training horses or as a riding instructor, or you operate the facility where equine events are held, then you will need a Care, Custody and Control policy.
  • Are you the owner or operator of the facility where you are holding a horse show or clinic? Then it is advisable that you take out Equine Event Coverage.

Harbin Equine and Farm offers comprehensive coverage whether you own one horse or many. Not only can they provide you with the above insurances, they can write you a policy covering major medical issues and surgery, which is tailored to your needs.

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