The Value of Email Encryption Services

Everyone knows that the need for Internet security measures is very real, but with the vast onslaught of information we receive daily, it can be hard to know which practices are worth adopting and which are simply a matter of hype.

At best, we adopt practices and software that protect us from viruses and identity theft; at worst, we unknowingly download software that does far more harm than good.

Email encryption services are an excellent benefit under virtually any circumstances, as email privacy is clearly preferred over the alternative. Whether an email is private or for business, knowing that your messages are secure delivers more than a little peace of mind.

Think of email encryption services this way: If you’re having a great vacation, you might take the time to scratch a quick note on the back of a postcard and drop it into a mailbox.

If, on the other hand, you’re writing a lengthy letter crammed with personal information to a good friend, you’d obviously place it in an envelope — especially if you included a check with birthday money in your letter. Depending on the sensitivity and, or, confidentiality of the information or goods contained in the letter, you may also opt to certify the letter, insure the contents of a package, or request a return receipt.

The same concept applies to email encryption services, which essentially protect the contents of your email packages.

What Do Email Encryption Services Do?
Essentially, the encryption of email can keep the majority of hackers from intercepting private messages. Embraced for both their encryption and authentication tools, the most comprehensive email encryption services ensure that only your intended recipients can read your messages.

Considering the potential implications of confidential client information, sensitive financial data and proprietary business information being transmitted more and more frequently, it should come as no surprise that encryption services are becoming increasingly crucial in the modern work environment.

In a nutshell, email encryption services are implemented via email encryption software, secure email servers, or secure webmail centers. Comprehensive encryption solutions work with a wide range of email applications, as well as by mobile users. This is also an increasingly popular option, as so many of us now conduct a significant amount of business via smart phone.

In selecting email encryption services, you’ll want to select a solution that offers user-friendly and transparent email security, in addition to automatic encryption and digital signatures.

You also want to find email encryption services that offer integration with an array of content-analysis tools for email compliance, in addition to the highest level of security as determined by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, or NIST.

A little homework goes a long way when it comes to adopting the services that are ideal for you, so be sure to consult an encryption services professional with questions about solutions that meet your needs.

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