The Upside Of Using Metal Stamping Services For Part Production

From simple to complex parts, Original Equipment Manufacturers typically have more than one choice of how to produce the part or component. While CNC machining is one consideration, as is fabrication and welding, another option to consider is metal stamping.

Many people mistakenly believe that metal stamping is a simple process that is more like a punch. While it is true that metal stamping services can develop die that can cut out a simple round or square shapes to complicated, multi-sided designs, there is much more that can be done.

Metal stamping, through the use of stamping press, can be used to create three-dimensional shapes for parts and components. This can include shapes that are cylindrical, square or rectangular or that elements of different shapes within the design.

Waste Considerations

One of the big advantages of using metal stamping services over other types of part fabrication options is the lack of waste. The stamping process forces the sheet metal through the dies and the stamp presses, which results in very minimal waste.

With less waste on a project, there is a lower cost, which is also a factor that any OEM will want to consider.

Wide Variety of Metals and Alloys

Unlike some types of processes for forming parts and components, metal stamping can be used with a variety of alloys and metals. This includes aluminum, copper, brass, stainless steel, galvanized steel and even some of the more exotic types of alloys.

As there is no heat involved in the process, it can eliminate the need for additional working of the part or component after production.

The speed of production, the ability to work to industry standards and tolerances and the low cost of fabrication of parts and components using metal stamping services makes this an option to consider for any OEM.

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