The Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Lighting in Palm Beach County FL

While many people are familiar with the use of outdoor lighting on landscapes as a way to highlight areas of the garden, water features, trees or even to create illumination for a walkway or path, it is also an ideal match for hardscapes. As a basic Outdoor Lighting in Palm Beach County FL for hardscapes, there are a few considerations that are essential to keep in mind.

When developing an outdoor lighting for your hardscape area, visual appeal, the spacing of the lights, as well as considerations with regards to the style of the lights will be important. By having experts work with you, and your construction team during the building of the hardscaped area, you can install the lights permanently, providing discrete, durable lighting that is set up and ready to use immediately.

Downlighting Along Natural Borders

As part of the Outdoor Lighting in Palm Beach County FL, looking for the natural borders in the hardscape layout will be a primary consideration. These natural borders can include the walls of the area, but it may also include small and soft downlighting options around edges and raised areas within the hardscape.

A great example of this would be around the underside of the ledge of a hot tub or spa in a hardscaped area. With these small lights installed just under the lip of the edge the light shines down onto the hardscape surface, clearly illuminating the ledge but avoiding glaring or bright overhead types of lights that take away from the natural view of the evening sky.

As another element in for an outdoor lighting, consider matching these downlights with the same type of lights with steps and railings in the area. This brings the entire design together and will also allow you to use garden lights or walkway lights that blend in perfectly.

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