The Types of Workplaces that Need Heavy Duty Rubber Doors

Damage around the workplace can cause major problems for workers and business owners alike, as it reduces productivity and can lead to additional stress. Those who work in a warehouse could have the entire operation shut down if something happens to the bay doors, since this is where goods flow to and from the warehouse. Many businesses have metal doors in these areas because they are light and relatively inexpensive. Unfortunately, these doors are also prone to damage, which can cause serious problems for the company. Heavy duty rubber doors are one way in which these companies can protect their business and keep their warehouse productive around the clock.

Door Impacts
If you have experienced a door impact in the past, there is always the chance that it can happen again. In the majority of cases, door impacts occur because of human error, so unless you remove human being from the equation, you run the risk of having your door damaged. Rubber doors work great in these types of workplaces because they can resist these impacts. Whether a truck backs into the door from the outside or a forklift runs into it on the inside, heavy duty rubber doors can stand up to this abuse and keep your company running.

Extreme Environments
The weather can easily cause damage to a metal door, especially in harsh climates. The wind is particularly damaging because it can send debris crashing into your doors, which can lead to denting and cracking. Extreme cold can make it difficult for metal doors to function, since it tends to freeze, especially if there is moisture in the air. Rubber doors are much more resistant to the elements, however, so they will open and close in all kinds of environments.

Continual Traffic
High traffic locations should also look into the benefits of purchasing heavy duty rubber doors. This is because rubber is highly durable and does not break down as quickly as materials like aluminum. In the long run, this will save you money because you will not have to replace your doors as frequently. Many businesses around the world are moving to rubber doors because of this durability.

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