The Types of Gutters Available in Colorado Springs

One of the biggest threats your home is up against on a daily basis is water. If you don’t properly channel it away from your home, it could cause foundation issues and wood rot which can be extremely expensive to repair and lead to other health hazards. You can fix the problem by having quality gutters installed. Whether you are building a new home or having an existing structure remodeled, gutters should be one of your first lines of defense against water damage. Before you rush out and purchase gutters, make sure you know the various types of gutters that are available, and which Gutters Colorado Springs will best suit the needs of your home now, and for years to come.

Traditional Aluminum Gutters

These gutters have been around for years, and provide an excellent way to direct water running off of your roof out and away from your home. While they are the cheapest, they can be complicated to keep cleaned out. Blockages can form from tree leaves and bird nests and leave your gutters non-functional. The choice of money savings for a little extra regular maintenance may help you get gutters at a more affordable price.

Seamless Gutters

Seamless gutters are easy to install and do not allow leaves and other debris to build up in them. This makes them worry free, and easier to maintain than traditional aluminum gutters. This type of gutter is typically constructed from a plastic composite material and will last for upwards of 30 years before needing to be replaced.

Fascia Gutters

Fascia gutters can only be installed when you are installing or replacing a roof. A contractor will extend the overhang of your roof further, and cover the area with an asphalt shingle. They do not require maintenance, as there is no chance of a clog forming. This can be an easy way to redirect water and have a drainage system that will be built to last for as long as your roof.

If you are ready to get Gutters Colorado Springs, make sure you contact Peakview Windows and Siding. They can help you determine which gutters will work best for you, and have their team install them. Make sure you get quality gutters you can trust so you can prevent expensive water damage from plaguing your home.


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