The Truth about Motor Oil Changes

Car owners are aware that they need to change their motor oil but the exact oil to use and how often to change it is not so clear to them. So, how does motor oil help a vehicle?

  • It keeps away any debris between parts thereby cleaning the engine.
  • Lubricates the parts on an engine so that they can move faster and with more ease.
  • Prevents rusting and corrosion.
  • Creates a seal between the cylinder liner and the piston.
  • Carries heat away from the engine thereby cooling it.

There is therefore no doubt that motor oil is important in a vehicle. For that reason, car owners should be aware of these truths about oil changes in Davenport IL;

Motor oils are different – Most oils are bought and sold in big box retailers, and auto repair shops. However, not all oils are of good quality. Only those that have been tested for quality should be used.

Oil types – Motor oils are synthetic, semi-synthetic or mineral. Synthetic oils are made using expensive chemicals than the others and so their performance is enhanced. They are heat resistant, flow more easily and have more anti-rusting additives. Vehicle manufacturers specify on the viscosity or grade of the oil to be used and this can determine the type of oil to use.

Importance of oil changes – Do not skip oil changes in Davenport IL area. The manufacturer clearly states the time when oil should be changed. Follow it to ensure your engine is always lubricated and clean. If you neglect the routine procedure, your engine parts will wear out due to a lot of friction. If the parts fail, it will cost you a lot to repair or replace them.

There is nothing as good for a motor vehicle owner as having a functional, well maintained and serviced vehicle. It takes a lot of discipline to maintain your car and to observe all the recommendations from the manufacturer. Bi-state auto service center is your partner in helping you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and to make sure your vehicle is in a good condition at all times.

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